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I'm an adjunct college instructor who makes less to teach two classes* each semester than I did working 40 hours a week cleaning toilets for the city parks department. Cleaning toilets is okay I guess but I'd rather be teaching people to think critically because the world is already full of stupid people. Help me pay for food!

What is Bad Fiction? It's horror storyies of late capitalism, mispelled or poorly punctuateed. It's true tales of dealing with the insurance company after your car gets totaled and they treat you like shit. It's fizzles and fragments of nonsense. It's chunks of my dissertation that were cut out from my dissertation. It's all of this and more! Tales of the mundane! Bad bosses! Shitty coworkers! True stories so unbelievable that they sound like they're out of a bad novel. Fake stories so believable that you can't tell the difference anymore! 

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*You might say 'gee only two classes' but that's the same amount of classes that my dissertation adviser taught last semester and compared to someone who isn't yet tenured I'm still getting paid about 1/10 of the amount to do the same amount of work. After lesson planning, grading, and all the other fun things that go with being a teacher my job is still valued as less important than cleaning toilets or picking up dog shit in the park.

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