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About Bad Influence Kitchen

Welcome to Bad Influence Kitchen!

First of all, thank you for supporting me in whatever way you see fit.

My name is Travis Keltner and welcome to my Bad Influence Kitchen. I have had a love and passion for all thing culinary most of my life. I took over the kitchen when I was about 8 years old out of self-defense and have never looked back. 

Over the years I have taught several of my friends how to cook and have spent more than a few happy hours in the kitchen with them. A few of us actually started getting together every Friday night to go out to a new restaurant to eat, drink, and get up to some shenanigans. We colloquially began to refer to this as our Bad Influence Friday or BIF. After a while we began moving our get-togethers into the kitchen because going out that often began to get expensive. 

I have decided to start cataloging my recipes and thoughts on various restaurants and products into one place and hence my Bad Influence Kitchen was born.
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