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  • Everything in previous tiers
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About bagherbooty

My Patreon:
Name's Pedram! I go by @bagherbooty and @bagherbooty2 on instagram, or Ped in person. Welcome to my patreon. Art has been a part of my life since I could walk. It has always been an outlet for me, and a tool for me to vent freely. One of my biggest dreams is to turn art into my career. Patreon will allow just that. You guys could support me by pledging, and you get exclusive rewards from me. The pledges could be as low as $1 per month, or as much as you would like to give. All profits from here goes directly towards making more content for my lovely supporters. That's YOU BROMOSEXUALS :D 
Why should I pledge?
Well I'm glad you asked! Pledge to become a certified BROMOSEXUAL :0 Becoming a certified bromo puts you in an elite group of sexy motherfudgers, that everyone wants to be. Not only will you become SEXY AF, but you will receive exclusive content from me on a monthly basis. 
This includes:
1. Art works in progress.
2. A look into my drawing process.
3. Access to Patreon only posts.
4. Access to voting polls, that help me decide what content I draw for you.
5. Get exclusive access to drawing/ anatomy tutorials from me!
How do I pledge?
Literally just click the "become a patron" button, and the rest is easy af boiiii
Can I cancel my pledge at any time?
Yes, but consider.... Don't cancel ;)
How often does Patreon charge me?
At the beginning of each month. You only get charged what you pledge.
20% complete
This goal will allow me to replenish art supplies, and push out more content for you guys! If this goal is met, I will do an in depth tutorial (on instagram tv) on how I draw certain things, anatomy, etc. The tutorial topic will be chosen by a voting poll. 
Love~ Ped
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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