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About Bagz

Hello stranger,
You can call me Bagz.

My Plans:
I'll be attempting to create 2 animations per month. If I can get money to make things go smoother, then that'd be great. If not, I'll still be making animation, just maybe with less enthusiasm. For now, I'll mostly be sticking with events that transpired at my retail job. If I get enough funding, I'll start to bring some of my fictional stories to life.
What to expect:
Expect the unexpected! My retail stories are filled with drama, humor, action, life and death events, some will make you laugh, while others will make you cry. They're ALL based on actual things that I've been through.   The location of my store creates a unique atmosphere where just about anything can happen. 
My fictional stories will vary a lot.  I have some ghost stories, zombie-like stories, stories with morals, anime-like stories, ect...  But, those will be for the future.  
About me:
Uh, I guess you can say I have a dark sense of humor.  Which will become apparent, as I continue making more content.   I'm not politically correct, nor will I hold back what I want to say.  I speak how I feel and could offend some people.  Again, my humor can sometimes get people...not so happy?  If anything, you'll gain some knowledge and hopefully some fun filled entertainment from me.  
User Input:
If you have suggestions or comments, I'm ALWAYS willing to listen.
$0 of $700 per month
I can guarantee 1 animation a month, but will work towards 2 per month.  I work 2 jobs, so the animation is all done on my free time.  This goal will help me free up more time to create.
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