is creating youtube videos,graphic design,game development, E-books,manga

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#1 talk with me (senpai will notice you)
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i will add you to my discord group we will talk about the story and game  your name will legit be in the game
#2 YOU WILL BE MY HERO and make a hero
per month

have perks from tier one and create a character your name will legit be in the game    (AND PERKS FROM THE PREVIOUS TIER)  

#3 za warudope poster
per month

i will update you when i do something new as soon as i do it.    that means you could have a huge impact on the game i will listen to your input and add or remove things from the game.   also you get a cool poster or wall scroll of the games cover art.   PLUS A FREE COPY OF THE GAME WHEN IT RELEASED  (AND PERKS FROM THE PREVIOUS TIERS) 




per month


im just a small time youtube who loves his community and whats to create awesome content and i want to tell great stories through manga or games that i will make.   i am heavily innfluenced by dmc 

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