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About Baja Bands

Baja Bands is an independent music producer-studio in Ensenada, Baja California Mexico. We produce audio and video for original, independent bands of all genres. Our aim is to do this at no charge to the bands, so we can bring you some of the best talent from this unique music scene! Your contribution will help fund 4 to 5 camera men, a sound engineer, a full-time video editor, and audio/visual rental equipment to produce quality recordings for our YouTube channel and our Patreons! Our goal is to do a consistent 1-hour broadcast every week, featuring new talent.

We have been working at this for 10 years and have over 300 videos on our YouTube channel You can also find us at

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Our goal is to raise $1,500.00 to make a music video for Dinorah Heredia Inclan, an extremely talented writer and performer from the Hip-Hop Rap community in Tijuana Mexico.

It starts with a beat ~ Baja Bands provided the 16 track recording studio for free and Akme Beats provided Issac, the audio engineer and beat-maker, who also donated his time.

Take a listen: Outlook Critical by Femina Fatal ~

Indie film maker, and Hip-Hop aficionado, David Ponce de Leon was so impressed with this track, he put a crew together in L.A. who agreed to film, direct, and edit the video for this track for free.

All we need is expense money for equipment rental, food and gas. $1,500 for 12 people who are willing to donate their time if they can get expenses covered.  David is an indie filmmaker in L.A., whose films have won acclaim at Sundance and Tribeca. He is also well-known in Mexico, Here's a clip of David Ponce de Leon's film premier "Road to Juarez"  in Oaxaca, Mexico.

So why would very talented people agree to work on this project for no pay? Because they believe, as I do, in Dinorah's talent as a writer and the message of Femina Fatal, which is we need to build communities to solve problems because the governments are too busy with other things.

If you become a patreon sponsor for $25, you'll be able to download the full song before its official release and you'll be helping some good people create a dream come true for this special artist.

Higher levels of sponsorship lead to even greater rewards. Check the Tiers for details.  Every little bit helps. Thanks for your support,
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