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About BakaSeishin

Hi, I'm BakaSeishin, but you can just call me Baka. By contributing to my patreon you assist in helping me create content both in Videos and in Art. Since editing the content on Youtube takes so long I can't at the moment put too much time into it, same goes for the art. At the moment I can barely do both in my spare time, but with every contribution you help me get one step closer to focusing at least part time.

If you want to connect, or see what I am up to. you can catch me on Twitter.

if you can to see some of my art feel free to check out my Tumblr at:
or DeviantArt for some of my older art:
I also post on Twitter:

Consider becoming a Patreon, a dollar goes a long way and I highly appreciate it. :D
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I will be able to fully finish each sketch more frequently.
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