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is creating a super excellent retro vegan baking show!

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Are you mad about spreading veganism but are running out of ways to do it cause none of your family will listen and all your friends have stopped inviting you to parties? Then this is a great way to do it! Your donation will help in so many ways and keep the vegan baking miracle alive and well! 

Two Dollar Roller Baby
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Are you mad about spreading veganism but wanna give more than 1 dollar? How about 2 dollars? Become a $2 Roller Baby and help this mad entertaining cake woman make more cakes then you could throw at those climate change deniers! 

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Okay, now we're cooking (or baking). 5 dollars gets you any baking advice you desire via FB messenger or email so you can make finger licking good stuff that no-one anywhere can turn your baking master pieces. You will be shouting at everyone to eat your cake, I promise. 




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Hey hey! I'm Sara.

I'm guessing if you're here you've seen my show or my recipes online. Pretty fun right?

I've been working in animal rights and the vegan space for almost 15 years and it can be really tough at times. 

I wanted to make vegan baking entertaining and fun to inspire more people to do it! I come from a film and TV background and I understand the power of entertainment. So I've spent endless hours, time and money on developing my vegan baking show BAKE VEGAN STUFF WITH SARA KIDD to inspire more people to bake it vegan. The show has been running since January 2019. See here

I do this full time. Even more than full time (quiet often until 2am time). I left my full time job in the film industry to do this. That's how much I believe in this project. 

The goal is to get this show onto NETFLIX or a cable TV like the Food Network. I worked as a film distributor so I know how to get this project on TV so your investment is worth every penny to help spread word in a fun and positive way.

- 2 days for recipe development and prep (making all the props and food)
- 1 day to shoot (hair, makeup, lighting, camera set up, script, delivery, multiple takes and angles)
- 1 day to edit and 1/2 a day to market it (sharing it in many facebook groups and social media platforms)

- I manage a large vegan baking facebook group that takes a lot of time
( and sometimes costs $$$ as I give away prizes for our monthly bake club that I have to cover the cost of unless it gets sponsored 
- I am working toward holding workshops to teach kids how to bake vegan
- I am working on a vegan baking cook book 
- The vegan baking movement. This movement is inspiring thousands of people to bake vegan, chefs to make vegan options and businesses to take vegan requests. You're helping vegan baking become normal. 

If you would like to help, any and all contributions will help me get closer to getting this show on mainstream TV where it belongs. Your investment goes towards the following:
- Covering the cost of endless ingredients
- Marketing and advertising costs which are necessary and ongoing to reach a larger audience
- Covering the cost of electricity, gas and baking props needed to film the show
- Paying for professionals to assist with SEO, design, marketing and website hosting (

Everything I earn goes straight back into the show and building this vegan baking movement. 

- Special shout outs on the show 
- You'll get to see episodes before anyone else here on the patrons only page
- The satisfaction of having helped someone promote veganism in a positive and fun way, potentially saving lots of animal lives
- Helping get more vegan content onto mainstream platforms 

Photos by Melissa Katherine

$75 of $1,000 per month
I am wanting to raise $300 per episode. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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