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Our gratitude and the knowledge that you are making a difference!
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- Our gratitude and the knowledge that you are making a difference!
- A free copy of the PDF file used in our 30 Day Transformation Challenge series 
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- Our gratitude and the knowledge that you are making a difference!
- A free copy of the PDF file used in our 30 Day Transformation Challenge series
- "Behind the Scenes" full length videos of interviews, challenges and series

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About Banana TV

Welcome to our Patreon!
We are Nicole and Cayley (NiCa) from Banana TV! Our goal is to create as much educational content spreading the vegan message as we can. We want to spread this lifestyle across the globe! Eating high carb, low fat, “low” protein, vegan is the most sustainable, environmentally friendly, health conscious, compassionate way to eat. Not only are you benefiting your health but also the animals and the planet. There is so much misinformation out there and we believe that everyone deserves to know the truth about the fuel we put in our bodies every single day. Our motto of “Spreading the Fruit” is encouraging everyone to take off their blinders, get educated, live their lives to the fullest and ultimately, to pass it on.

Why Banana TV Needs Your Help
Youtube can be a fun way to present information and challenge ideals but it can also be a lot of work! Videos can take anywhere between 4-24 hours to research, write, film, edit and produce. We almost always have to take weeks at a time off of work to produce our series and challenges as these videos take between 6-12 hours a day for the consecutive two weeks (or sometimes up to 30 days!). At the moment we are not able to make a living off of Banana TV alone which means we are not putting in as much time to creating videos as we would like. Your contributions will go directly to us creating more content! 

Can I Give a One Time Donation?
Yes! Unfortunately at this time it is not possible to give a one time donation through Patreon but you can easily do this through PayPal. You can send any amount of your choice to Banana TV by clicking here

What If I Can’t Give a Financial Contribution?
If you’re not able to make a financial donatation, no problem! You can still support us by helping to spread our content! Subscribe, watch and share our videos wherever you can! Connect with us on Instagram, FacebookTwitterStrava and Periscope! Share our series, challenges and experiments to podcasts, radio stations, newspapers, news channels or sites, trending sites or anywhere else than can reach the masses! However you choose to support Banana TV, we appreciate it and are SO grateful!

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A unique aspect of Banana TV is our experiments and challenges. We create mini series in hopes of opening eyes through actually being able to show you something rather than just telling you a statistic. We have previously done a 30 Day Transformation Challenge with Yuky, The Salt ExperimentMy Hairy Experiment and most recently, Every Drop Counts. These experiments and challenges not only take a large amount of time (between 6-12 hours every day for between 14-30 days straight) but also money to set them up, pay for doctors visits or any equipment (like water canisters or blood pressure monitors) that we may need. Your donations will help make these possible!
As many of you know we are constantly hungry for knowledge. Between the two of us we hold seven health/nutrition related certifications. We would like to earn more certificates to continue advancing our knowledge and bring you the most up to date information.
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