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per Every time a Deluxe Expansion, Adventure Pack or a Saga Expansio


-- Play the Saga Expansions in Campaign Mode
-- Record your Fellowship of Heroes
-- Manage your Boons and Burdens
-- Keep track of your score and threat penalty

I fancy having resources right under my nose when playing LOTR LCG so I figured I'd create a little website of my own to compile information. It's an online resource so accessible from any device connected to the internet.

This website is not meant to replace by any means full-content website like cardgamedb. I designed it as a tool to use alongside gaming sessions. I hope you'll enjoy it!

It's got :

-- a reminder of the Encounter Sets you'll need

-- all the quests and related Keywords, Rulings and Strategy Tips found on the Adventures Pcks Inserts and Expansion Rule Booklists.

-- the Encounter Cards erratas and Q&A related to each quest

-- Official FFG difficulty rating and possibility for players to give their own perception of the difficulty.

-- A quick card reference referencing (only) player cards erratas, Q&A and rulings, all official by FFG. You'll find a great ressource for card search at

-- A Setting the game and Round sequence summary reference to help beginners (and not beginners) to cope with the learning curve
$4 of $100 per Every time a Deluxe Expansion, Adventure Pack or a Saga Expansio
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