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is creating Bandstock: A micro-tipping game platform for live music

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Welcome to The Bandstock Project

Bandstock's Mission
The Bandstock Project was created to help performers of live music make money.  Right now it is nearly impossible for a musician to make a living by creating and performing music. In fact, most performers end up losing more than they make over the course of their career!   Serious musicians either hoping to "hit it big" and break through to fame and fortune or are resigned to never making a living at music.  

Bandstock intends to fix this by bringing the fans who want to support live local music and the musicians who need that support and want closer connection with their fans. 

Bandstock's Vision
Bandstock will help musicians make money by providing a micro-tipping game platform.  You can learn more about how it works at

The short explanation is that the game is a digital collectible card game.  You go to live shows and buy collectible cards for $5 or less.  This money goes straight to the musician (minus some small transaction fees) and you get a permanent digital collectible card that exists on the blockchain and is yours forever.

The card goes into your collection and gives you special benefits.  

through a micro-tipping game platform that brings fans together at live shows with a unique digital collectible game mechanism.  This game allows fans to make small in-game purchases in exchange for digital collectible objects called "Bandstock Tiles".  

Digital collectibles are already growing in popularity in the gaming world and you see similar models being used by, Pokemon Go, Youtube Superchat and the OpenSea blockchain platform.  

Currently when a musician performs, they have no idea who is showing up at their show.  Ticket sales are handled by an outside agency who is not sharing their list with musicians. They keep that for themselves to promote other shows. 

A digital collectibles platform is a unique solution to the challenges that live musicians face. 

Musicians will use the app to create digital collectible objects (DCO) tiles, similar in nature to
virtual trading cards or Pokemon Go collectible creatures.

Each tile will have a different value, a unique look, and an incentive for the fan to collect it.  A fan’s growing collection becomes a type of VIP pass that can give  perks like free tickets, VIP access, merch and gear, meet and greets, exclusive music, etc.

Collectibles can be traded, gifted and sold, creating a marketplace for rare or valuable tile tiles,
and making the objects feel like real things that can be acquired, sold or given away. The price
for most DCO will be under $5. Small purchases add up to larger rewards. Similar models are
being employed by and Youtube Superchat and the collectibles platform OpenSea.

Musicians are given valuable information about who is supporting them when a fan grabs a free
or low-cost DCO at a live show. This can help musicians create promos, giveaways and
connective events for the most supportive fans.

Fans are rewarded for loyalty and are given a way to prove they were at a show or that they are
a core supporter. Augmented reality features could allow fans to use the app to find live music
and other fans, leading to connection and engagement between fans, and between fans and

Bandstock's Evolution
At first a simple collectibles game with straight forward rewards for collecting individual cards
Bandstock will later have more sophisticated game mechanisms.

Example 1: Artists could release a limited edition set of 10 VIP tiles that are rewarded to the 10 people who attend shows most often.  This would create competition among fans to make sure they check in ever time, collect all the tiles to prove they were there, and buy collectibles to support the band.  Staying in the top 10 could be really worthwhile if the musician chooses. 

Example 2: Some collectible benefits may expire or require a trade to another person
periodically to encourage circulation and viral spread, perhaps amplifying benefit as it changes
hands, encouraging a type of gift economy, connecting fans with each other. This type of model could create connection between fans and allow musicians to encourage interactions in their community in ways that haven't been seen before. 

How can you support?
We need software and web developers and graphic artists to help build the app. We need
musicians, promoters and venue managers to give us feedback now and use the app. We need
generalists to help carry the project and promote to a wide audience. And we need people
willing to attend and promote events: more hands are welcome. Sound like you? Early
investment leads to greater reward.

Most of all we need money to pay professionals to build the app.  Supporting this Patreon covers the basic expenses required to keep the project moving forward.  

Right now we are working in concert with the new artist incubator HomeGrown Hustle and expect to have a lot of eyes on our project. Your early support now will be forever appreciated as we make the tool that musicians need now to begin supporting themselves financially as musicians. 

Learn more at or contact us at [email protected]

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When I reach 50 patrons I will live-broadcast an open mic fundraiser from my home and give all proceeds to the artists who perform.
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