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Straight from my studio, the great outdoors inspired, Love Creek studio, as part of Barbara Hall Studios each month:

• An original ~ each unique, hand-painted ~ watercolor/acrylic 5 x7 greeting card, mailed to you the old-fashioned way, painted on archival paper and suitable for framing.

• Nature meditation audio

• A big thank you from my heart



About Barbara Hall Studios

Fine Art & illustration/sketchbook art ~ Painting is my passion, along with poetry, intuitive work, music, and long walks in the mountains or by the sea in northern California. I am a watercolor enthusiast who seemed to originally take to watercolor like a duck to water, or sometimes I hope, like an ancient Chinese calligrapher to handmade paper.

I also paint with acrylics. I take my inspiration from nature and spirit. With a background in art with a BA in Fine art from San Francisco State University, I emerged with stars in my eyes, and dreams of painting and illustrating. Life found other things for me as woman, wife, and mother, and I find myself returning, like a baby bird to its mother, to my great love of art, creativity and painting. I feel the limits of my time on this earth journey now.  So little time and so much art! 

The earth is in transition, a crisis in many ways, a transformative time. My way of contributing towards a healthy planet is to help awaken our integral relationship with it, we a unitary, combined, life-giving organism, by highlighting its beauty. I choose to "Commit art," as one of my favorite art teacher, Shiloh Sophia, proclaims. There is an urgency in this endeavor with my not only my own timespan, but the nature of ecology on earth now.  

Art is a path as well as a finished piece. This is why my Art Journal Sketchbooks accompany me wherever I go. My inspiration comes from nature, from poetry (Rumi and Mary Oliver as favorites), my own poetry, and from the often crazy, wacky, but beautiful world of humans and all species. My hope is that those who see my art see the world with fresh eyes, and are in some way transported to a place of wonder and delight. I plan is to prepare for more shows (I've had one exclusive show) with these themes. These shows are one of the best ways to direct attention not just to art in general, but a purpose. I direct 10% of sales from a show to a wildlife conservation non-profit group. 

From my heart to yours, thank you for joining me here!