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Greetings everyone, my name is Vlad, and here you will find something, maybe, I don't create something specific.

I want to create software which is needed for people, you suggest what you want to see and in which language, I will try to make it.

But I'm equally unprofessional and incompetent in everything, so it will be difficult, at least on start.

This approach will help me to learn and gain experience faster, because I haven't really decide for myself, what exactly I want to do, I just want to code and create software, I also think that I'll work with a variety of languages and technologies because everyone need something different.
Since I still have lack of knowledge and no experience, beginning will be extremely difficult, but with time knowledge pull will become larger and tasks will only become more interesting.

Why here? Patreon is a great place for highly motivated personal growth.
When someone think that it's worthy, he\she can support it in any way, morally or financially.

Here you give not just an initial push for someone, but also a little bit of yourself with hope that it will really help and give someone a start in life.

You will be at starting point of something new, we'll follow the long, thorny path to the peak, and reach it.

Feel free here, I'm always glad and open to communicate with everyone.

Contact information :
email - [email protected]
Discord -
Telegram -

GitHub -

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