Bard Ionson

is creating Digital Art - photo, video, sound, electronic sculpture
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About Bard Ionson

Thank you for your support. Your generous patronage helps be make more art, more beautiful things to make you think. If you subscribe now with at least $1 a month I will transfer one of my unique creations on SuperRare You need to sign up for a SuperRare account. When you receive the art you are free to sell it. Some of my art has been purchased for $350.

I am using to augment my art with a virtual layer. Just view load Artvive on your mobile and view the image below with it. 

My art centers around technology, philosophy and spiritual themes and the interplay between them.  Some if it attempts to bring human handcraft into technology and others warn of the dark side of technology.

Fascinated with the space between the physical sensory, electronic and spiritual worlds and the distortions that happen upon passing between them. This is captured in glitch scanography, oscilloscope (sound and animation) art, electronic sculpture, glitch video and AI art. The art is often infused with hidden layers of meaning and multiple dimensional backstories.

Some of my art will be interactive and you are part of this artistic endeavor. I invite you to participate.

You can also find my work at https://art.wowak.com,
Thank you
Bard Ionson
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When I reach $2 a month I will complete the "Holy Roller or Soul Scroll" interactive sculpture and put it online for people to "purchase" prayers.
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