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About Tyler Clapp

Hey everybody, I'm Tyler. I'm a writer, and have been since I knew what I wanted to do. My stories entertain me when nothing else can. I love having characters do amazing things, setting up mysterious events, and showing people at their best and worst. I'm the sort of writer that will run with a good idea and support it along the way, but I'm not afraid to change things up and transform the story to what it needs to be.

I believe that art and stories are just as important as science; we need one as much as the other. In science we discover the world, and in art we discover ourselves. We seek our reflection in all kinds of media, a face, image, or name to cling to that we believe was made just for us. In stories, novels, and films, it is possible to find a whole person we never knew was there, that the character we love was us the entire time. 

I hope, someday, that someone can find themselves in one of my tales.

If you haven't done so already, you can read my writing here. And here.

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