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About BarghestBlack

Hello! My name is Lauren and I'm a novice taxidermist and naturalist trying to expand my knowledge of the natural world and preserving the dead. I hope to use this patreon to educate others on the art of taxidermy, insect collecting and skeletal processing. I'd one day like to donate my collections and work to a natural history museum or university to be used in research and education!

As a forewarning the content of this patreon will be gorey as I will occasionally post WIPs and streams of me working on skinning and processing projects - as well as anatomical reference photos for artists. If you are uncomfortable with blood and dead animals I highly recommend sticking to my twitter where I'll only post finish pieces or tanned pelts. :)

While at the moment I'm looking for full time work, my patreon may be a bit slow as I do have to focus on rent (but perhaps once I've reached a certain monthly amount I can focus on it full time and make lots of content)

Why taxidermy?
I believe taxidermy when done within legal means can be a great way to preserve life after death, everything I work on was not killed for the purpose of taxidermy. Taxidermy and preserved specimens have provided researchers with so much information over extinct and extant species that we might not otherwise have. This is especially true for insect collections (when done correctly and labeled) - many insects are keystone species that allow us to know how man is harming the environment and we can use collected specimens to help pinpoint how and why. Last of all, I think when done respectfully it is a beautiful way to honor the animal in death. Death doesn't have to be ugly.

How did you learn?
I took my first class with Allis Markham at Prey Taxidermy in Los Angeles, from there I started learning things on my own! I'm still very new, so patrons will get to learn along with me and from the plenty of mistakes I'll probably make. ;)'s forum is also a wonderful resource but I will do my best to share any knowledge I gain through my patreon!

How do you get your specimens?
I buy my specimens and pelts from various sellers, I will state that I am pro-trapping and pro-hunting when again done within legal means and no unnecessary suffering is caused. I believe hunting and trapping are necessary parts of wildlife management, while I don't personally do either I do not have an issue supporting them. Most of my specimens are either salvaged (i.e. roadkill, salvaged, stillborn, etc.), from depredation control, leftovers from someone's hunt for food, or donated from several online sources - all legally taken. Insects are collected by me. When I see good deals that I'm not personally going to buy I will also link them to my patrons.

Where can I learn about the laws?
Knowing your laws are INCREDIBLY important if you plan on dealing with animal parts in any way, Lupa has a fantastic guide but you should still read through your own country and state laws as things can change all the time. You are always free to ask me questions regarding the laws and I can do my best to answer or point you in the right direction. If you're never sure who to ask consider contacting your state or country's Department of Fish and Wildlife. Many animals are illegal to have ANY parts of (especially nearly all birds in the US unless domestic, game birds or invasive) - this includes feathers. Refer to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) for more information. Other important information to look into is the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and CITES.
*Due to import/export laws I will not be selling any animal parts I put up for sale outside of the USA.*

What are the perks of being a patron?
First and foremost this patreon is to allow me pursue a hobby I love while also providing education, reference and information to those who support me. I do not have tiers nor plan to lock things behind a high paywall, however by being my patron you gain access to process photos, tutorials and streams, early dibs on any products/taxidermy commissions, etc. and my love and attention. ❤

If you have any recommendations or suggestions for things you'd like to see on my patreon please feel free to let me know!

I hope you'll become my patron and come learn with me!

$2 of $250 per month
Will set up an official streaming station! I currently do not have a designated space for streaming taxidermy and non-digital work, with this I can purchase a stainless steel table and make a workstation dedicated for this work! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
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