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About BaroqueEcstasy

BaroqueEcstasy is a distributed experimental music label and journal. Our mission is to build and foster a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative community for creating and sharing art and music. We're hackers, bedroom musicians, and outsider artists. We're actively researching which decentralized technologies will best ensure that our contributors are compensated fairly. We aren't 100% committed to any particular technology, but we do love the Steem blockchain and are currently using both Musicoin and Ujo for distributing music. Our first project is to create a journal, Sound + Signifier featuring articles and essays on the subjects of aesthetics and history. 

During this early phase, we're staying focused on making good art, finding the best musicians and writers to feature, and refining our goals and strategy. That's why we're asking for your help by giving us feedback about artists and content you believe are underrepresented, decentralized technologies you're using, and how you think distributed creatives should be compensated.

We've been inspired by, and highly recommend you check out, The Creative Crypto, which is the first magazine powered directly by a blockchain. 
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At this level, we'll be able to afford a domain and web hosting to launch our journal, Sound + Signifier, and begin publishing our writing backlog. 
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