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You don't really care about the gifts and you just want to support my cause, I really appreciate that!

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 You are here to get your fitness journey started! Good.

Some might say this is the biggest step, it is a big one but definitely not enough to get you to where you want to be.

To thank you for your support and courage, you will get a Beginner Program to start making the so needed changes.

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  • Send me your routine and we will chat via Email, and update your routine every month.
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About Barzerker

The idea behind this project is to collect and share as much useful information as possible about Fitness and a Healthy Lifestyle.

Giving all of you, our warriors, the chance to be as updated as possible when it comes to Fitness and Nutrition.

Sharing Workout plans, nutrition guides, recipes, extended list of exercises, Fitness topics discussions and so much more!

The Big Picture is to build the biggest fitness platform and community known!

Because a lot of people will wonder what's the money for, I will resume it here:
  1. Getting a designer to work with whenever we need to upgrade the our designs to make sure content looks professional;
  2. Video Editor to produce good quality content;
  3. Nutritionist to make diet plans or food protocols for our patreons;
  4. Help us living our life dream.

For now this are the main goals, we want to invest all of your support in this brand and services.
Welcome home, and prepare yourself for Greatness!

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Once we get to $500 we will get all the design upgrades needed, like:
  • Banners
  • Logos
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Everything Design related pretty much!
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