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  • New Projects: I don't share many costumes until after their respective photo session. However, you’ll get to see them from their beginning to the end.

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  • Tutorials and Tricks: Watch the process of a new item for a costume from start to finish. (Gloves, boots, etc...) You can also learn about the techniques that I use while I’m painting, cutting, etc.

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About Bass Garcia


My name is Sebastian (BASS) and I’m a Fashion Designer and a Newcomer Cosplayer from Colombia.
I have embarked on this Cosplay journey with great dreams and aspirations.
I've been very fortunate to be able to create every time that I want to show a new passion, like it could be: clothes, art, cosplay, etc.

I love Videogames, Tv shows, and a good anime! :D

The purpose of this Patreon is to make it possible to me produce more helpful content that will show you an "easy" way to elaborate a Cosplay.

Thank you so much for making your way to my Patreon page. I have so many projects, and I hope you'll be part of all of it in the future.

For more pics, don’t hesitiate to visit me at:

I'm sorry for my English... I'm learning a little bit every day.. :D and If you want to, I can post in Spanish sometimes...
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I often notice that when I'm doing a tutorial, I don't have a proper place for my equipment and materials. With an $80 goal, I'll be able to buy a nice desk which will help me organize my work space.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post