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Sheet music for every video you help produce!  For $1, you'll recieve sheet music pdf's of each recorded part for that video + the score!

You'll also gain access to Patreon Only Posts where I post works in progress, release schedule plans, and sneak peaks of upcoming videos!

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Each video you support at the $2 level gets you access to download the higher quality .wav song file!  Not a fan of drums/percussion in your bassoon listening?  Get the special acoustic only track at this tier!

Includes rewards from previous tiers

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Get your name featured in the credits at the end of each video!  We couldn't have done it without you! 

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About Bassoonify

Trello Production Pipeline! Vote and comment on what YOU'D like to see Bassoonified next!

I remember as a music major in college when I randomly searched "video game music bassoon" on YouTube.  I found some incredible fan creations that I loved watching, but this list was very short.  These early videos were such an inspiration to me and today I'm happily contributing to that list.  

I have been uploading bassoon music videos to YouTube since May, 2015.  Since my first video I have worked hard at improving my arranging, orchestrating, performing, recording, filming, mixing, and editing to bring fun and quality content to musicians and gamers and inspire students.  Throughout my times and travels in college, DCI, the Marines, and YouTube, I have met several amazing musicians that I get to feature on my channel.

If you're reading this because you've seen one of my videos, you've already done so much for me.  I wouldn't be producing new videos if it wasn't for the encouragement, shares, and inspiration I receive daily from every one of you.  So, thank you!!  Money is such a tight thing these days so I want you to know pledging to my Patreon is completely optional and not required to be one of my biggest fans.  To create each video takes a wide range of skills, equipment, and especially time.  Those who are able at the moment to help grow this channel grow through their pledges, I want to give you some awesome rewards for your commitment.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my page, Bassoonifriends, and thank you for continued support in creating the kind of crazy bassoon things that I've always wanted to find on the internet!

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