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About Bates Investigates


My name is Brian Bates, I'm a licensed private investigator in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA and true crime is my passion. The goal with my podcast is to create storytelling experience where I dive deep into true crimes that I have personally investigated. This podcast isn't the result of simply Googling a topic and regurgitating what the media had already reported. I actually worked many of these cases for the defense. I also take the time to pull police reports, trial transcripts and 911 calls to bring you never reported details on unsolved murders, missing persons and more.

The first case I am covering is the allegations, investigation, trial and conviction of former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw. 

Holtzclaw was accused of sexually assaulting 13 African American women he encountered while on patrol. Without a single independent witness or direct forensic evidence, Holtzclaw was convicted and sentenced to 263-years in an undisclosed prison.

In my podcast I go over ever piece of discovery from the investigation and jury trial. In the Patreon-Only area you will not only get additional episodes, but also never before seen evidence.

After the Holtzclaw episodes, I will be digging deep into other known and relatively unknown cases.

By joining this Patreon you are supporting my efforts to bring you quality true crime episodes, week after week. 

Thank You!
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Show the love and I'll show it back. While true crime and podcasting are a passion, my real motivation is knowing there is an audience for my brand of story telling. If I can hit 300 patrons then I can dedicate more time and energy to improving the quality of my production and the types of cases I cover. Show the love for Bates Investigates, the Podcast and I'll returning it with quality content!
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