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About Mikael

News: v1.3 demo released! Comin up new maps for every1.

Hi Mikael a.k.a RpgFinland here!

Bat Hill Alchemist is overworld turnbased combat rpg project made
by me. I'm on Patreon to share my fresh demo and to give people chance to drop a penny for coffee cup.

(early bird special isn't special offer it's gonna always be like that. Why it says so? I just like the pic.)
I'll release new alpha patches for my patrons(or for everyone if I'm on nice mood :^D propably for everyone for now) and you'll be able to use your old save file for new early access maps and continue story where you left it! I'll also make special patrons only posts about game development, mechanics and behind the scenes. (Anyone interested stuff like how mdf really works and what does agi and luk even do and how did I desing everything? no ok.)

As you can see the world is pretty large and growing!

WOAH! Let's talk about the demo now!

Demo is (big) part of the main story and when new maps are released
backers will be able to play deeper into the game.

Estimated playtime of the demo is 1-2 hours
Demo Features:
- Grind and craft for good gear!
- Build you character stats as you like.
- Fight total 6 bosses.
- Crawl through dungeon.
- Explore beautiful town and wild maps.
- Fully works with your gamepad!
- Die because you didn't watch your hp bar
- Grind that one resource for a hour even tho you can probably buy it.

LINK: Download Game Demo

Made In RPG Maker VX Ace Engine
Recommended System Requirements:
OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
RAM: 512 MB or more
might still lag tho
File size is quite large, but that's mainly because wonderful custom textures, music and scripts.
How to play? - Unzip the demo file into folder and start playing!
Tips & Tricks:
- You need to use your Boulder Shatter skill to break sticky boulders on the way.
- Evade enemy spells because 1. Those hit good dmg 2. They may trigger combo attacks
- Agi gives change for attacking first. For example if you have 30 Agi your first attack change is 9%.
- Resources spawn in every 25 seconds in the map and resource counter clock starts again when you come to map again or gather the resource already in it. So at best it's 2 resources per minute!
- Fullscreen? You can open game settings from F1 and set "Launch game on Fullscreen" Option. Or press alt+enter.
- Controls: A = Quick Skill, Z = Action/Interact, X = Menu/Cancel, SHIFT = Dash, Game works fine on gamepad.


If you liked it, spread the word. Sharing is caring and so on. Make a let's play. Tell to your friend. Keep it your secrect and pledge penny. Anything is ok. I'll continue Derp's adventure and share it with you. Catch me on DA, I'll post news and stuff also there: https://rpgfinland.deviantart.com/
$0 of $15 per month
Keep me in focus! I'll get a pack or two quality coffee to pump me up during long deving sessions.
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