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is creating "Battenberg: The Demon's Apprentice" 3 part series.
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About Bonnie Simpson

(Please read below and the $1 tier to see what you will be backing. AND please check out my Portfolio - - if you want to know more about my artwork!)


  "Who is Bonnie Simpson?"  

Hello! My name is Bonnie, I am the creator and writer of the story 'Battenberg'. I live in the United Kingdom within a southwestern town called Bristol. It's a place wrapped in beautiful forestry and unique urban life which is probably where my very fluttery style, ideas and concepts are subconsciously drawn from.

My journey as an artist started from a very young age, as well as my love for learning and Video Games. Attending game design courses. Being a part of multiple Zine's and contests, too.
Unfortunately I was diagnosed with a severe case of 'Tendentious' in 2016 which hindered my progress as an artist, squandering all hopes I had for being part of the artist industry as well as overall productivity due to intense pain.
Being primarily a digital artist before October 2018, art was very hard for me to conceptualise because of the time they took, and the pain it used to induce. Slowly but surely I started getting back into art whilst dealing with the pressure on my tendons, but it didn't cease to upset me, and make me feel useless.

Then... I took up traditional art.
Never again have I had the problem of struggling to finish a piece because of difficulty. Unfortunately not many people like traditional art now-a-days and scarcely sought after from employers or companies so I was very shocked to find I was loosing people whom used to enjoy my art.
However, I plan to continue with traditional for as long as I can. Manga works like Chi's Sweet Home and Dragon Ball have all been painted and made traditionally, the style really suiting what I want to express. 
Will you join me on this journey?

  "What is 'Battenberg'?"  

'Battenberg' was created by accident.
One day I was trying out a new medium, watercolour, and started painting some random elf girl which I loved the look of. Then I started drawing her in sketchy little comics during my lunch breaks. 
She was soon dubbed Alyssa, after that both the demon Y'neet and Alyssa's friend Celeste was born within the random comics I produced. Those comics were then printed and produced as the first comic in the series - 'Battenberg'.

  "Why the name Battenberg?"   
Originally it was a close choice between 'Treacle Tart' and 'Battenberg' cake, so much so I took to the Twitter polls.
There is no real reasoning for the name of the series, I just love battenberg cake. There is also that contrast of sweet mixed in with horrible consequences.

  "What was the first edition?"  
The first volume of Battenberg was released during October 2018's MCM London Comic Con.
It was created out of the random comic sketches I did during my break times in one of my previous jobs. 'Battenberg' is my first ever printed comic.
This edition is still available, but there will be a second edition of this comic created soon, so get the first one while you can!

  "What do you mean by '3 part' series?"  
When this Patreon was first created, the story was going to be fairly short and sweet, made into a single story. But the more and more I refined the world, I realised that I had a lot more to deal with.
This story I'm working on is set 12 years after the first book, Alyssa has grown up, so have everyone else around her. With this in mind, I wanted to spit the story up to understand why it's been 12 years, and what the goal of Alyssa will be.
The first part will be based on the concept of 'Reunion', second will be 'Hypocrisy' and third is 'Absolution'. When the third one is complete, I plan to bring a closure to Battenberg.
This Patreon will showcase EVERYTHING I do and all that the 3 part series will include.

  "What is the Patreon funding?"  

For 'Battenberg' I mainly want to focus upon goals rather than what individual tier will be funding. I currently work a job outside of this Patreon so tons and tons of money isn't needed.
What are the goals, you ask? Here's a nice simple breakdown of each one to ensure a clear understanding of what you'll be putting your money towards.

  $100 Goal - "Subbin' Them Art Tools."  
I cannot stress enough how costly art supplies are within the United Kingdom ( or how much they are across the globe, honestly). Each month I will go through multiple brushes, pens, sketchbooks, pencils and paper which will cost me most of my pay packet each month, and I can't keep doing it.
$100 ( or roughly £80) will help me purchase the supplies I need AND help me get content out faster.

  $250 Goal - "Quality, Quality and Quality Giveaways!"  
Have I told you how much I have wanted an A3 scanner, or a printer so I can create my own prints, or maybe even a badge maker? Have I told you? 
Obviously this will take months to save up through this tier, but it will easily enable me to get those things within a few months. Giveaway's are obviously going to become more frequent if this goal is met, and the required things are purchased.
Can we make this happen?

  $500 Goal - "Commissions? Who Is She?"  
I'd be over the moon if I hit this. Quite literally.
Commissions are something which does hinder me doing personal work, but it does NOT mean I hate doing them, or will stop offering them for that matter.
Reaching this goal means I will not have to work tenfold - I juggle a job, life (rent, food, etc), clients and my own personal work each and every day which has unfortunately become quite the burden.
Hitting this incredible milestone would mean I can rest more, producing more quality content than I ever have, with more days to do it!

  "Thank you for supporting me!"  

This page is still being tinkered with, so please be patient and support if you can~!
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"Subbin' Them Art Tools." Goal
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