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About Battle With Me

As a team we have a real passion for eSports. As individuals we have the skills to build eSports where they do not already exist. The "Battle With Me" project is our way to do this - to create a ranked matchmaking system which we can integrate with ANY game our community desires. Help us to build a platform for a community to thrive on.

Our Mission

There are a number of goals we aspire to achieve with the Battle With Me project:

  • Custom competitive game modes - we plan to run competitive modes within Rust by Facepunch Studios and expand into may other games once we are established.
  • Ranked matchmaking - matching players of a similar skill into matches with each other to give the optimal experience.
  • Detailed statistics tracking - view a comprehensive database of your kills, deaths, wins, losses and more all in one place.
  • Earn tickets - build up your ticket bank by competing in matches. The better you perform, the more you earn! These can be used in...
  • Free raffles - use the tickets you've earned to enter and win prizes! The more tickets you enter with, the higher your chance of winning.
  • Professional tournaments - teams will be able to enter planned tournaments and compete for glory!

Why Launch Using Rust?

Rust is already a very competitive game at heart, however in its current form it is not suitable as an eSport. In recent years there have been a number of attempts at running tournaments within the game, and we feel that we have come up with the best formula for making it a success with the masses. However, we would like to stress one thing...


Our competitive game mode will incorporate every major gameplay feature: gathering, crafting, building, raiding and PVP. These will all be balanced out in a way that gives players the most enjoyable and intense experience, and will ultimately simulate the Rust experience in a fraction of the time.

Where Will Your Money Go?

The Battle With Me project is a humongous task to undertake, and requires a lot of time and ultimately funding. We are dedicated to bringing this project to life and will make it work with whatever we have, but with your help we can bring our dream to life exactly as we envisage it.
By contributing to this crowdfunding campaign you are helping to:

  • Fund our team to work on the project, allowing them to dedicate more of their time to it.
  • Pay for the running costs of essential resources such as dedicated servers, backup solutions, bandwidth, security measures and more - which will run into hundreds of pounds per month - for the foreseeable future.
  • Cover the cost of licenses for software and systems, as well as subscriptions for external services needed for monitoring and upkeep.
  • Boring administrative costs, such as legal fees for making sure we are setting up our platform so that it complies with the laws of all of the countries we will be opening our service up to.
  • Unforeseen expenses, because they always pop up.
  • Help towards hosting community events and livestreamed tournaments.
  • Fund our expansion into a number of other games that the community will vote on to choose.

These are all essential to the success of the project and its longevity, and with your help we can ensure we do not need to cut corners or leave out exciting features.

When Will It Be Ready?

Due to the scale of the project, and the high standards at which we would like to release the end result, this will be a fairly long-term project. We will be carrying out All of the previous perks, plus free use of our profile customization features for life. We plan to carry out Alpha Testing throughout development, and we estimate that we will be able to start Beta Testing during February 2019, with a full release estimated to be 1-2 months after testing finishes.
During the Alpha Testing we will allow contributors early access to play and look for bugs, but also to stress test our systems and ensure they can cope with the number of players we are expecting. If all goes to plan we will then release to the public after a few more tweaks.
You will not necessarily have to be a contributor to gain access to Alpha Testing either, as we will be giving away access codes on our Twitter account. So why not click here to follow now and not miss out?

Other Plans

We have lots more ideas which we would love to implement once we are up and running. There are many ways we can expand on the systems such as our "Tickets" system, and our "Party" system.
  • Use tickets to purchase items - earn tickets and use them to buy in-game skins for the games we utilise.
  • Make wagers - use your tickets to place bets on which team will win a match. You could even wager against your friends in a 1 vs 1 "Duel" match.
  • Team rankings - create a permanent team and compete to be the best ranked team in the world.
Our ideas are endless, and we will work towards bringing every single one of them to life for our community to experience.

Thank You In Advance!

For everyone who supports this project in any way - whether that be by contributing, sharing or just playing once we're ready - we would like to thank you for believing in us. We have a vision on a scale the likes of which has never been attempted solely through crowdfunding before, and we will do our very best to fulfill our promises to the standard that everyone will be expecting of us.
Also, don't forget to claim your exclusive Patreon perks. They are a little thank you from us to you for contributing to our dream. If you donate from the second tier upwards you get ALL of the previous perks, so make sure you don't miss any!

Important Links

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