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Although it doesn't seem like that much, it let's me know that you want to see me produce content.

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Thank you so much, you are a kind person.

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Top quality person and a legend.

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About baxterdaking

I've been making videos on YouTube since 2008. I've had moderate success with my channel but when I left school/education I had to put my channel on the sideline so that I could focus on real life stuff, like earning money. However, I still love making videos and would one day like to do this as a full time job in some capacity.

The reason I'm making a patreon page is for money. I'm not going to lie to you and give you some extravagant reason behind my decision, I made the page to make money. I will still continue to make videos regardless of how bad this patreon goes but if you do like my content and want to support me then feel free to donate. Or just tell one of your friends about me. Or walk around the streets with a sign with my name on. Either is fine.

And once again, you don't have to donate if you don't want to. Only donate if you can afford it and if you enjoy my content. And remember, I will continue to make videos even if nobody donates so don't feel obliged to donate. Donations will allow me to spend more time making videos because in the end, time=money.

Thanks for stopping by and if you did decide to donate some money to me, then you are a top guy/girl/whatever you want people to know you as.

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If I hit this goal then I can devote more time to making videos. I will also upgrade my current PC so I can play new games.
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