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My name is Timothy J. Barry, also the owner of Baywatch Arms & Accessories
I have a small firearms company that does mostly gunsmith work, and refinishing firearms. I also do powder coating. Currently I am limited to doing smaller items, becuase of the size limitations of my curing oven.

I am also a veteran of the U.S.A.F where I performed duties associated with munitions systems. My job title was munitions systems specialist. I served 6 years in the Air Force where I was honorably discharged at the end of my enlistment. I chose not to continue my Air Force career, but went on to pursue my other interest. During my time on active duty ( while stateside ) I continued my education with going to a trade school. I wanted to learn how to be a welder. I graduated from the two year trade school, and when my enlistment was up, I got my first welding job. I had to get certified in aluminum welding and proceeded to become a welder on aircraft parts, at a engine rework facility. I did not stay there long, because the company that I work for preyed on the low income workers for the most part. But I did not complain. I gained some experience, and was able to have listed on my resume that I had been a certified aluminum welder.

Not being totally satisfied with my aluminum welding job ( $$$$ ). I started pursuing other areas of welding. After searching, I was offered another job at twice the money, but a different type of welding. So I gave my notice, and went to the other job. I was primarily a welder on heavy equipment ( Bull Dozers, Track Hoes, Etc. ). When I wasn't performing welding duties, I was required to be a mechanic. I also performed duties driving a tractor trailer, delivering equipment to job sites when the other drivers weren't available. I was taught to drive a wide range of equipment while I was active duty in the Air Force.

After a few years of structural welding, and being a mechanic. I decide I want to open my own business. So, that is just want I did. I start a company that fabricated structures out of aluminum for pleasure, and commercial boats. Also know as Towers, T-tops, Tuna Towers, etc. It started out a little bit slow. But with in a year or so, I was being slammed with work. I was self taught doing this. The company was Baywatch Sportfishing Towers. I study photos, went and looked at boats, and studied, and studied, and studied. After a few years of doing this, I landed a deal with a boat manufactuer that was ordering about 50 tops per year. This deal lasted 10 years, before they decided to switch suppliers. My work involved towers from the individual boat owners, to charter captains, and even some government work. This venture lasted for twenty years. It was when the Gulf oil spill happened in April 2010 that everything changed overnight. I had just put a large sum of money into a gun store In January of 2010. When the oil spill happened, the boat business was done and over whith. It was and instant reaction to the oil spill. No one could use there boat, therefore no one was spending money. The gun store soon followed the way of the other business. At first we thought that we were going to be compensated fairly. But, the government got involved, and we all suffered.

It was at this point that I decided to convert the gun store into a home based business, and concentrate on gun smith work, and refinishing. It did good, but wasn't making the income that I wanted. After a couple of years of doing refinishing, and gun smith work my name started to get out there, and business was getting better. Cerakote is seasonal at times. But, that goes with any service based business.

It 2016 I decided to purchase a vinyl cutter. The primary purpose for the purchase was for the cutter was for making camo patterns, to refinish firearms. Prior to this I was have to make the design, send it to the sign cutter, wait up to two weeks and then apply the vinyl ( used as stencils ) to the firearm. If I made a mistake, or the pattern was not cut correctly, then that process had to start all over. It just didn't make sense anymore, and I didn't want to have these kind of delays passed on to my customers. It was a few months later that I had the idea about powder coating tumblers. That was in August of 2016 that I started powder coating tumblers. Most of what I do is RTIC tumblers, but customers also bring me the tumbler that they already have. After doing all the needed research for choosing the right system, I chose Columbia coatings for my supplier. Not just for the powder, but also for the equipment. (  Columbia Coatings ). They were extremely helpful, and didn't mind how many times I called them. They were always there to help.

$0 of $100 per month
I believe that this first goal is not to far reached to actually happen.  It is to finish out the build on the inside of my shop.  With this goal set, I need to do all of the following items.  1.  Finish insulating the inside of the shop.  2.  Install door, and window to the front of the shop.  3.  Hang sheetrock to all the inside walls of the shop.  Mud, and finish all the interior walls of the shop.  4.  Paint all the interior wall of the shop.  This should do it for the first goal I have set.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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