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The "New Day" Level
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Thanks for joining me! In addition to the occasional free-to-all posts I'll write, I will also post two sunrise photos per month. As someone who once worked as a courier in the early hours of the morning, I've snapped a lot of them. A reminder to you and to me: today's a new day, and we can make the most of it.

The "Worldbuilding" Level
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Most of the stories I'm currently working on are contained within the same sci-fi universe.  As such, there's a lot of worldbuilding involved. Who are the characters? Where do they live/what is it like? This tier will give you access to two posts/month, each devoted to one of the following:

•a specific character

•a specific planet/star system in the galaxy

•an historical event in the universe

The "Applied Science" Level
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Maybe science is a stretch... but this is where the things I'm writing will begin to come together.

In addition to the previous tier rewards, you'll get one full scene from a story I'm currently working on every month. To make things more fun/easier to follow, I'll make it a scene that features the characters, locations, or historical moments from the Worldbuilding tier.




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About Benjamin Bartle

Hi! My name's Benjamin Bartle. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I first started writing early in high school. At the time, I’d been reading a lot of fanfiction, and I had the recurring thought, “I can write better than this.” Spoiler alert: back then? I couldn’t. Since then, it’s been almost twenty years, and while I’ve not published anything yet, I haven’t stopped writing either. The years of experience have given me skill I didn’t have then, and I’m eager to finish the projects I’m working on and share them with the world.

I write science fiction, character-driven stories. Meaning, I create characters first, then build a story around them and what they would do if certain things were to happen. In writing this way, I’ve created a broad cast of characters, and placed them all in the same sci-fi universe. I’m still ironing out just how long a span of time these stories take place in, but for the moment, these stories start from Earth in the late 21st century, and spanning to the early years of the 27th century, with most of the action happening near the end of that time.

I've come to Patreon because I finally understand this is what I want to do with my life. I want to create interesting, compelling characters, write whatever fun stories I come up with, and I want to share them. In the long run, that means getting my work published. In the short term, there's still a lot of work to be done. 
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This is the first big step! With $500, I'll start fancying up the rewards, putting everything for each month into a PDF (or epub or mobi, once I figure out what that's about). Might even commission artwork of characters or ships, if I can manage. If I can, I'll definitely share the artwork with my patrons as I receive it.
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