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Hi all,  so its been suggested by a few people that I should set up a Patreon site for my ramblings and here it is.  Whats the purpose?  I guess motivation for me - perhaps once Big Brother is over - maybe I'll keep doing an occasional update about other things I am watching or just general things I'm up to.  This is definitely a work in progress and I'll be tickled with any amount that shows up here.  Right now I can't think of any 'premiums' to offer so you give what you want just because for some strange reason you want to.  I do have costs of course, I use 'spreaker' to record and upload and that runs at least $50 a year - I'll probably spend anything else I make on my wife to thank her for putting up with my silliness.  One last note - this is NOT the Patreon page for the Big Brother Gossip Show I do with Scott and Colette - just search for Big Brother Gossip and you will find that Patreon page.
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