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BCB Backers will have their names mentioned in the out-credits of the podcast ... with a thankful "How's it going eh?" from the hosts.

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"BCB Backers Spotlight - Top 5" 

We'll have benefactor's names and top 5 games mentioned in a specially produced "cross-over spot" featuring the "BCB Backers Spotlight"  in the middle of the podcast.

The BCB Backer will decide the Top 5 Theme and then list their games in order to be used in a podcast.  With inspired banter from the hosts afterwards.

Thanks, this will help pay for monthly server costs and small upgrades to podcast equipment (such as microphones), and the purchase of games based on the BCB Backers Spotlight game suggestions.





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Bridge City Boardgamers currently produce a series of podcasts and we are currently in pre-production of BoardGame-GameShow, and The Cardboard Questionnaire (interview series).

We are currently in regular production of Cardboard Conjecture and Cardboard in the Classroom.

Cardboard Conjecture is a board game podcast review show "where we have opinions and conclusions formed on the basis of incomplete information!" each of the hosts will put a game through the "review machine" ... and talk about our opinions and dive into our conclusions about every game.  Is it going to be a "Top Shelf" game, a "Middle Shelf", "Bottom Shelf" or fall into the "Trade Pile" game?

Cardboard in the Classroom is a board game and education podcast where "we use board games in the classroom to bridge a student's understanding and engagement with the purpose to enhance their learning experience".  Ryan is a high school, mathematics department head, Vulcan-like logic teacher in Saskatoon.  Norm is a high school, french immersion (AP), history/social studies, psych/sociology, ... teacher with a Master's degree in Educational Technology: Instructional Design (teaching methods / learning styles / assessment strategies).  We share how we use board games in the classroom and all of the instructional-stages as they relate to the game's purpose in the classroom.

Our goal for Patreon is to be able to cover our costs and still produce a good, quality product that can be appreciated by others in the community.


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When we reach the goal of $150 per month, we will have Patreon supporters suggest games and episode topics that they would like us to begin to use in episodes.
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