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Acolytes will get access to short stories and bonus content from books, commissioned artwork from LGBTQ+ artists of characters and scenes from stories and books, and hang out with me on Patreon while I journal my process and get lost down research rabbit holes. Each time a book is released, you'll get access to an ebook copy as part of your subscription!

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You'll see each book as it's written. I average two chapters a day per book and am typically working on at least two at any given time. You'll be the first readers to see the books in progress and be the first to offer any feedback.

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This tier is for people hoping to write their own books. Once a week, we'll have a video or text chat about writing, your story, marketing books, publishing, etc.--whatever you'd like related to the industry and craft. We can email regularly, though I do have to manage my time, and I'll happily read some work and offer constructive feedback on writing style. When you finish a book, I'll even help promote it. 

As an additional bonus, you'll get a personalized signed copy of each book in paperback when it's published, and a shout out in the dedication. 



About B.C. Palmer

My name is B.C. Palmer (he/him/his), the 'B' is for Brian and you're welcome to call me that. I'm a fantasy author, soon to be a horror and science fiction author, and my work is focused on queer-centric fiction (with some co-written exceptions). 

At the moment, my day job is ghostwriting paranormal romance, so I am one of the lucky writers whose whole day is focused on writing. I started this Patreon because I'd like to focus on a more intimate conversation with my readers and ultimately put my entire focus on SFF and Horror so I can produce way more of it. 

I was one of those kids that lived in books, sometimes to the exclusion of everything else. I was lucky to have a small library near my school and would walk there a couple of times a week to pick up new books and turn in my old ones. They only let you check out ten at a time, was the problem. I immersed myself in the worlds of Andre Norton, Sir Terry Pratchett, Anny McCaffrey, Ursula Le Guin, Stephen King, every Star Wars novel ever released, and anything with Dragon Lance or Forgotten Realms in the title, and many others, and like all gay kids (of the 90's) I read about straight characters because what else was there?

One day, I discovered one of my very favorite authors, Mercedes Lackey. I read her Last Herald-Mage Trilogy. It changed my life. Literally, there was a hard turn the day I finished the third book, Magic's Price, and I knew two things: first, that someone in the world acknowledged my existence as a gay teen, and wrote a story about me. That's what it felt like, at least. Second: I was going to be a writer when I grew up. 

And here I am. I've had the joy of getting to speak with Mercedes Lackey a few times now, and she's one of the few heroes you really should meet if you can. 

I have two main projects at the moment. The first is Magic's Heart, the first part of a trilogy set in the world of Ela and the nation of Rismere, largely inspired by Valdemar, at least initially; it's come a long, long way since then. In Magic's Heart, Danyel Ke'Varon must journey to the forgotten heart of magic on Ela in order to discover why the Eidolons who have helped mages control their gifts for centuries seem to be suddenly disappearing, putting Rismere and all of Ela in danger as magic begins to turn wild. 

The second novel series I'm focused on is the Saint-Moreno series, about a workaholic detective, Vanessa Moreno, and an alcoholic sorcerer, Adam Saint, who become unwilling partners in a story where the old gods are being unleashed on an unprepared world, bringing with them magic thought to be lost forever. It's a gritty, snarky kind of urban fantasy full of monsters and mayhem. 

I hope that you'll consider supporting me in my quest to put way more LGBTQ+ characters on the page in fantasy, science fiction, and horror! 

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