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About BDO Guilds

BDO Guilds is a management tool for Black Desert Online guilds. You can track your members' gear score, level, classes, attendance, and war statistics.

Organize Node Wars with ease using the war set up page. Officers can create parties and platoons with customizable roles as well as call out groups. Members can specify their preferred war roles and sign up with the click of a button. If clicking a button every war is too much of a hassle, members can also specify their availability dates and enable auto-attendance to automatically sign up or mark themselves as unavailable.

Discord integration is a core component of the application. Authentication is provided via Discord, guild membership is determined by the member's role in your Discord server, war notifications can be enabled to automatically post to a Discord channel.

Development and hosting is done and paid for by yours truly. If you want to buy me a coffee or a beer now you can do so!
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