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About Me

I am Bea Moha a tea-drenched aquarellist living in Budapest.

I loved to gazing at paintings, to draw or paint since i was a child. I thought i will be an artist...but i always heard that "you never get your living as an artist! Be a teacher, be a doctor..."

But Art was always part of me and always will be, for too long only as an admirer though, till two years ago i found my way back to it and started to paint and draw again as passion.

Life took me on a long journey (university, marriage, baby Son, moving, working in hospital, in office, a divorce, moving again with my son, working in a call center, in a shop, in a Japanese restaurant), finally i could spent five years in tea-business (which i so Loved) and recently landed as an officer three years ago. Who knows where else will my Path leads?

So i am not professional artist at all, never went to any art school. That is why i eternally grateful for those great artists who still run a blog out there and i can study from them (since i have finally internet!) about techniques, pigments, papers...

Here my purpose is to document my development as an artist (for now as a passion only) and share my art-adventure and love of nature with you, and get support of course.
Sorry for the not too great photos, i have a phone camera only, but later if i will have enough budget (Patrons!), i really wish to buy a camera and make better photos even make videos about painting process. (Fingers cross)

Why Patreon?

Because I believe Patreon can give me the opportunity to find supporters.

Hungary is not so art and culture centered country, becoming worse every year i am afraid so; people are struggling with living and they have not much energy to support artists and culture.
And my budget is very low, not big secret my salary is 520 eur per month, so do the math. Women salary here much lower than men still plus i am single mother, proud to my Son who is already entered the university! (God, time is running too fast!)

Artist quality watercolor papers and paints are hard to find here (mostly student grade papers and paints are available) and being expensive as i have to order them from abroad mostly (so paying extra tax after them), so i really can use any help to finance my art supplies!

Where to find me

Thank you for visiting!


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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