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About The Bearded Splitboarder

This website is for the newbies, the hardcores, and everyone in between, to learn about backcountry snowboarding (aka splitboarding). Beards and splitboards highly encouraged, but never required.

I started the Bearded Splitboarder because all around the web I saw limited splitboard specific content, and even less that didn't sound like it came from a marketing team or press release. I think its important to have independent voices out there bringing their perspective to the table.

So I run this on my own without industry assistance in the form of freebies or sponsored content or anything fishy like that. I do it because I love splitboarding and want to see the sport grow!

My site will remain free to read for all as long as I can sustain it, but if I have helped you get started or save some money somewhere with my writing, and you would like to keep me rolling on this, please consider subscribing at one of the levels.

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