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About BEAST Dance Theatre

Who are we

Hey! My name is Ksenia and I'm the creator and the director of BEAST dance theatre.
The BEASTs are a team of a few artists from Russia that are crazy about both - filmmaking process and dance. We create dance short films in different genres and dance styles - starting from the mysticism through the sentimentalism to the realism. But our favorite type of the story is a creepy horror thing with monsters, ghosts and evils. And we want these our creepy friends to live their lives on the screen and to tell you their stories. 
In our team we have dancers of different styles - jazz funk, experimental choreography, contemporary dance, flamenco, hip hop, vogue, krump. For every project we choose the best form of telling the story by using our bodies. 

The BEASTs had a great start
- we have already made 6 dance short films 
- participated in 3 different Russian dance festivals with our performances
- took part in a flamenco performance "Jugador de Bilbao"
- were a part of a poetry concert in Saint Petersburg 

The BEAST evolving has become the main goal and job for me, so I'm always trying to find a new material, topic and tools to work with, it IS complicated to combine the movie making rules with dance composition and make it be natural and narrative. 

How do we improve our skills?
As I said before the main difficulty is that we should know how to combine all the cinematographic rules with dance composition. That is why we have to improve our skills in filmmaking and dancing. 
We take:
- master classes on storytelling skills by Robert Makki
- classes in a film school in Saint Petersburg
- classes by famous dance teachers in different styles - Mariana Collado, Menghan Lou, Balazs Baranyai, Danny Shnayderman, etc.
- self-education (YouTube channels, books, performances, working in theatre, communication with other directors)
-  online lessons by directors in Master Class program 

What is our next goal and why do we need your support?

Now we are preparing ourselves to participate in different international short film festivals - Aspen Shortsfest, Sundance Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Cannes Short Film Festival, etc. We want and we have to improve the quality of our films and to create new stories that can touch and draw attention of the public. We believe that this new format of dance film will find its fans and we'll be able to share our art with people around the world.
We do need your support and feedback, so if you got interested in our project, check our goals and help us to achieve them!
Be a part of a new art :)


$0 of $2,100 per month
When we reach $2100 per month, we'll be able to finish our new dance film which will tell you a mysterious story of one old woman who is visited by the Death.
We are going to participate in the Short Film selection of the Sundance Film Festival 2019 and other international shorts festivals.
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