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About Beastly Autoimmunity

I have lived with chronic pain in my spine/sacroiliac joint since 2007 when I entered puberty.
Since then, as the number of joints affected has increased in addition to my digestive system, eyes/sinuses becoming affected. I've tried to find ways to ease my symptoms, through nutrition, medication, exercise and various forms of alternative remedies.  Along the way I've discovered that I have two different genes that affect my health. One is the HLA-B27;which is related to autoimmune disorders. The other is the PKP2; that is directly related to a heart condition known as Arrythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy or Dysplasia (ARVC or ARVD). 
Follow me as I take you through my adventures in taming my 'Beastly Autoimmunity'!