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is creating CHAOTICA: a new album of original music.
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  • My previous solo album back catalogue (sent as high quality digital downloads.)
  • Access to patron-only updates.
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  • My previous solo album back catalogue (sent as high quality digital downloads.) 
  • Access to patron-only updates as the new album unfolds.
  • Access to streamed live concerts, teasers, vids, pics.
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  • Beccy's 'The Making Of' Diaries.
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About Beccy Owen

Written and demoed by acclaimed singer-songwriter Beccy Owen between 2017 to 2019, CHAOTICA is the debut record from Beccy Owen and The Refuge. It has been part-funded by donations via this Patreon Page. Thank you. (Scroll down for how to become a patron and the fantastic rewards on offer!)

The music was recorded in Byker, Newcastle, in April 2019 over eight consecutive days.The week began with heavy snow alongside the promise of fresh collaboration, and culminated in the blossoming of deeply-held friendships via a sweltering heat-wave, all of which helped to foster the powder keg of musical riches found on CHAOTICA.
Beccy says of the process:

“Nothing about making this record has been straight forward. We’ve made it on a pittance and relied on a lot of pay-it-forward generosity, including the faith and generosity of Patreon patrons, but I think it's already been full of riches for all of us involved. Plus, I suppose I never expected a concept album about Bipolar disorder, sex, misogyny, shame, suicidal ideation and survival to be anything but a little…complex! Not least because Bipolar symptoms didn't suddenly stop because I decided to make a new record. Still, I think it might be the best thing I’ve done with the most incredible band mates.”
Originally intended as a laptop-based solo project, it quickly became apparent that the music was crying out for company. First off Beccy invited producer and sound engineer Julie Bartley to be involved as co-producer, swiftly followed by Beci Eden (drums), Fran Knowles (drums) and Katy Trigger (electric and double bass), a dynamic trio who formed the band’s formidable rhythm section. The collective expanded further with the arrival of Jenny Hoy (vibraphone & percussion), Jessie Howard (electric guitar) and Gayle Roberts (strings), and continued to grow with the addition of photographer Casey Orr, who shot the album artwork, and choreographer Nadia Ifkthar, who is currently working with the band to create a music video for the song ’Safety First’.

CHAOTICA is a sophisticated and potent monument to the fluidity of trauma and triumph
and will resonate with many listeners. The eight tracks are in turn hypnotic, playful, weird, beautiful and decidedly jarring in places, and all the better for it.

The album will be previewed at a special launch gig on Saturday 12th October at The Old Coal Yard, Newcastle. Tickets are available here:

Hey gang,

Some of you may have stumbled across this page having never heard my music or seen what I'm about. Welcome! Some of you may have been supporting me for a while: BLOODY LOVE YOU, THANK YOU.

I'm the product of so much encouragement from other people, and I hope you will come with me on this new adventure into New Album Land as I try to carve out a body of work that reflects my experiences of Bipolar 2 and the world in general as I see it.

As a patron you will have exclusive access to original songs, videos, performances, musical experimentation, collaboration, ramblings, an occasional mapping of my mental health journey (for better or for worse) and other meanderings. You'll also hear the new album before anyone else.

You might decide to become a patron of my work. In which case I'd be chuffed to bits: YAY YOU!!!! You can do that for as little as $1 a month.

(Headphones-and-a-pop-shield...irrefutable proof that I'm a proper singer.)

All supporters will receive digital copies of all of the work made possible by this Patreon - as well as my solo back catalogue - plus additional “per Thing” rewards at various backer and milestone levels. It's your choice to pick whatever goodies you might like (check out the various 'rewards' on the right hand side of this blurb.)

Thanks for reading,

Beccy x

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NB: This Patreon campaign is dedicated to my solo creative endeavours. For my Pop-Up Choirs please go to POP UP CHOIRS for my four-piece, electro-pop band, band please see JOY ATLAS
Thanks for reading/watching/listening/being here!

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WAW! As IF...but IF I reach this awesome goal, I'll be able to afford to pay for some support to get the new music more widely heard...I'll also start performing on youtube live stream or something similar by way of thanks.
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