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For those who don't want the full experience, but would like to see still photos of what we're creating every other week. You also receive access to my Patron-Only feed.

PLEASE NOTE: Class is held bi-weekly. You will be receiving pictures twice a month, to include some process pictures and the finished page.

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  • Access to my Patron-Only feed.

PLEASE NOTE: Class is held in-person bi-weekly. You will receive full length videos twice a month (no time lapse here!), to include the Red Thread Circle guided meditations and pictures of the finished page. Videos will either be the live class or a pre-recorded version, but it will be the same finished page that is worked on during the live class that week.




Hello and thank you for stopping by!

I am a Certified Intentional Creativity Coach as well as a Certified Color of Woman Teacher. What all that means short and sweet is that I show you how to use words + art to create beautiful art journals that express who you are Becoming...

We all are always changing something about ourselves:
  • Our outlook on life.
  • How we deal with life's ups and downs.
  • How we wear our hair.
  • The clothes we wear.
  • The jewelry we adorn ourselves with.
  • You get the picture...
All-in-all, we are always Becoming... Each and every day, we become different. We decide no longer to let button pushers push our buttons. We decide to let go of road rage. We decide to stop letting stress and worry have free rent in our minds and hearts. With each decision to do something differently, we become more of the person which the Creator called us into being for. This Patreon website was launched to help you in Becoming who you were meant to be through words + art.

Let's face it, we all know how to keep a written journal. Most of us have been doing that since childhood. I know you remember the diary with the little lock that you hid under your bed so your parents and siblings couldn't read your deepest fears and desires. Art journals are written journals on steroids! They express through pictures and just a few words (or many if you decide to write more) how you are growing and changing and making an impact on this world. They help us focus on SELF, and in doing so help us to Become... 

That's what we'll be doing here: Becoming who we were meant to be when the Divine created us. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Our art journals will be page after page of thousands of words through picture (and maybe a few words of sentiment). You will be able to open your art journal at any given time and see visually what you felt on that particular day. Our art journals will be a means to dispel what is currently worrying you and manifesting the worry into a work of art -- no experience necessary! And no won't need drawing/painting skills either. 

Through the magic of mixed media we will create pages with depth, texture, and meaning. There will be some drawing and painting, but just like no one sees the handwriting in your written journal, your pages won't be on public display. They are for you, and you alone. If you choose to share your page, then I encourage you to do so. What you share with someone else may be exactly what that person needed in that moment. But sharing is not necessary. This process is totally to help you in your Becoming...

Please note that this Patreon site is being created in conjunction with the in-person Becoming... workshop, held every 2nd and 4th Saturday (starting January 12, 2019) from 11am - 1pm at Painted Imagery Studio, 3900 Roland Avenue, Baltimore MD. The studio owner and myself have decided to offer an online version of the workshop for those who do not live in the area but still want to be a part of this amazing workshop. Thank you to Valerie -- the studio owner -- for allowing me to use your space to bring this art journal workshop to life! It is part of MY Becoming...

Now that all the jibber-jabber is outta the way, please go here and get your journal: (This link is an Amazon Affiliate link, which helps me to keep the cost of this workshop low without increasing the cost of your purchase on Amazon). We begin in the New Year on January 12th!

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