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About Beefgnawpolis Gaming and Art

Hi. I'm Alex Beefgnaw. I make comics and also play some stuff and talk about it. Sometimes I even make videos of me playing stuff and talking about it. I don't yell into the mic (except at the occasional jump scare) or make fart jokes. 

...okay, maybe I make a couple of fart jokes now and then.

Here's my current video schedule:

  • Sundays: Minecraft Karma Culinary Quest - in which I attempt to fill a museum with one of every ingredient, food, drink, and potion in a Minecraft 1.7 modpack that contains Pam's Harvestcraft, IC2, Forestry, the Twilight Forest, and more. 100% family friendly.
  • Mondays: Minecraft Hermitcraft Modsauce 2 Creative - Building Chateaubriand City, the capital of modern-day Beefgnawpolis. Network-TV-safe language; anything stronger is replaced with chicken noises.
  • Wednesdays: Bucket List 2: Crainer Craft- A new challenge LP in which I attempt to collect one bucket of each fluid in the pack. Network-TV-safe language; anything stronger is replaced with chicken noises.
  • Fridays: Minecraft Hermitcraft Modsauce 2 Survival - Life in modern Beefgnawpolis. Network-TV-safe language, anything stronger is replaced with chicken noises.
Any money I get here will be used to pay my bills, buy new games to play and/or stuff to make better videos of me playing them and make better music to put in those videos, buy art supplies, or be paid forward to other YouTubers.
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Hatoful Boyfriend stream!

I will play the bird love game from the beginning all the way to an ending live on Twitch. (not Ryouta's ending, as I've already done that one on YouTube). And this time, I'll do voices.
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