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Deep within the hushed hills of western Pennsylvania, there once lived a boy whose mother owned a Radio Shack.  But this was no ordinary Radio Shack, for it rented out all the hot new video games.  Kids came from miles to get their grubby hands on titles such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, and everybody's fondest and favorite, Rescue: The Embassy Mission on NES.

Sadly, the Radio Shack closed its doors for good on a solemn late 90s day.  Happily, the games came to stay at the boy's house.  Though his grades may have suffered, his social skills may have eroded, and he didn't learn anything cool like how to play a guitar, he was living in an old-fashioned bit paradise.

Unfortunately, the boy grew older over the years, and he had to move away.  The hum of the games' chiptune magic faded in those hushed hills.  The games and systems were moved some place where they would be safe...
His grandmother's basement.

For several years, they rested there.  Until one day, the boy (now a man) came to visit for the holidays, and he bravely trudged through the Radio Shack heap.  He came to be reunited with all of his retro wonders.  He felt remorse for letting them lay neglected, but he knew he couldn't keep them all.  The man (formally the boy) didn't want them to go to any improper homes, so he knew he had to honor each one of them with a 10 to 25 minute YouTube video.  It was the only way, of course!

This is where you come in to help finish this tale.  You can help this manboy guy make sure that all of these games go to a proper home where they will be cherished and receive the button-mashing respect they deserve. 8-Bit Basement.
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When I reach $4000 per month, I'll be able to put out videos on a more frequent basis.  Hopefully make 2 a month.
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