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Knowing what I do is valuable keeps me doing it, not just for you and, as a consequence your kids, but for all the other kids of the dads that read what I write. Playing your part in helping others feels good right? All for less than a cup of coffee, half a pint or a sandwich. Thank you. 

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Just like our kids, Being Dads needs to keep growing. You're support will help me invest in new ways to find, create and share the stories, pearls of wisdom and proven practices of being a better dad. Things like audio recorders for interviews (maybe a podcast?), transcription software so I can do more interviews in less time, and of course more of my time to get it all done.
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I started Being Dads because men are crap at talking about emotional things, and there are few things that mean as much to us as our kids. This level of support means that I can help you with your commitment to being the best dad you can be. Get in touch, I'm here to help.




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Being the best dad we can be.

That's all any of us dads want really.

But one day I realised I wasn't being a great dad. I wasn't even close. One grey winter's day in 2014. I was rushing my 3 and 5 year old sons out the house to nursery and school. I had a big work meeting on that morning and a train that couldn't be missed. The kids were taking ages and I got angry. I shouted, bellowed is probably a better description. Manhandled them into their coats and shoes, picked them up and plonked them down outside. They zoomed off happily on their scooters, I was seething.

Then I caught myself.

I was an angry dad. A dad I never, ever wanted to be. In that moment I promised myself and them I'd be better. I'd be the best dad I could be.

But what does it mean to be a great dad?

That's what Being Dads is finding out. Of course there's no universal truth, but there are threads we can follow, ideas we can put into practice and practices we can repeat, getting better each time.

It's been a great journey so far. I've spoken to some incredible men who have done something interesting in life, because I've found that's a good proxy for them having a different perspective on fatherhood, one we can all learn from. 

With your support I can speak to more dads and read and distil more research. All to help you be a better dad. The more support I get, the more I can do and the better dad you can become. As one dad I interviewed said, 'there's a last time for everything. A last time they want to hold your hand, sit on your lap and give you a cuddle, make the most of it.' So let's get cracking.

Apparently posting a picture and a video will help me get more patrons. But all I could post would be pics and videos of me and my kids, which isn't going to be very motivating because you don't know them. So instead, take a second to picture your kids and ask yourself what it's worth to you to be a better dad. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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