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What is Being Peruvian?
Our community aspires to create authentic, culturally relevant stories to educate, entertain people all over the world. This idea was created in 2014, we began this journey with the idea of just becoming an outlet of sharing how it feels to live outside of Peru by creating "memes". Since then, we have reached out to more people than we would have wished at the beginning. We are proud to say that we have become the biggest entertainment website to display english content relating to the Peruvian culture  if you are not Peruvian, it does not mean that you are not welcome to join our family because the more we are, the more we can spread our work to . We are over 300,000 who have become part of our family all over social media!

But, perhaps you just know us a page that just creates memes. We want to change that, which is why we need your help.

Why Support Us?

We have been blowing up for the past month. Even though, at the beginning we used to go into  a different direction in terms on how we create content. We have recently change the direction we seek Being Peruvian to become. We are confident that by the way we are growing, if we can get the right support and hire a small staff of creative content creators and obtain required equipment to start to work with us, we can spread the word to even more people. The more we raise, the faster we can produce videos and new content. We have amazing ideas which we will share to you if you decide to support us, and we are so pumped to get started. As much as we love just creating "memes" and "words of the day", we believe that translating it to videos can make our content improve in quality.

Why we do what We do?
Demographics of Peruvian People in the world has changed immensely. However, entertainment options are really limited. When creating content, we ask ourselves what can we create that can not just entertain people, but at the same time educate them about what we do. There is nothing out there like what we do. We have grown a lot in less than 2 years and we have had the chance to get published in some newspapers in Peru. There are broadcasts such as Univision, Telemundo, etc that target the general audience of hispanic/latino people and honestly it is rare to find content that talk about the Peruvian Culture. We want to change how entertainment work, and we hope to educate people who are interested about learning more about the Peruvian culture,  or basically any kinds of audience by creating content like shows, sketches, food show, beauty, comedy with a touch of the Peruvian culture. These are some categories that we have mind, well some which we are at the moment exploring.


We are always looking to improve our content, we have limited way to obtain the support we need. Being an independent digital company with limited resources. We are reaching out to people in any way in order to always improve.


Thank you all of you. To those who have been sharing our content. We are so excited for what is to come. I hope YOU can be part of it. We are willing to take the risk and spread the word around the whole world, which you can support us to do so. VIVA PERU!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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