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is creating podcasts on mental health issues with humor and heart.

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Most of us have known someone that had a mental health struggle. Depression, anxiety, trauma, autism......and the list goes on. Perhaps it was a close friend, a co-worker, family member, a spouse, or even your child.

I am one of those people. I am the parent of two children with mental health issues. I have sat back and watched mental illness tear apart my life, and I have watched it do the same to others. Most of us have sat in silence, isolated and alone, afraid of the stigma that often comes along with mental health illness. I made a decision to bring humor, heart, and light to the real stories and information surrounding mental health. Instead of being afraid, I have embraced being "un-normal" and now have dedicated myself to finding ways to bridge the gap of knowledge and create a community for all.

We explore issues within the mental health community with specific emphasis on children starring mental health professionals, parents, families, and other experts.Join me in celebrating a new normal: Being UnNormal and supporting our work. We need your help and donations to continue to deliver these content rich podcasts which are helping people just like you to learn more about mental health.

Thank you for your continuing support and incredible feedback, knowing we've been able to help so many people fuels our passion to bring the podcast to you. Our goal is to provide weekly podcasts, so won't you join us in making our mission come to life? You can support us by subscribing to us on Google Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or iTune. Please review us, become a Patreon, and share the word!

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When we hit this goal we will have a special Q&A episode where you can send in your most burning questions to have answered by our resident experts!!!!

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