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A monthly, illustrated murder mystery
per month
Each month, I will create a murder: a three-dimensional, fully illustrated crime scene, where someone has been killed and YOUR task is to find out whodunit! The scene itself will be available to everybody to look at, but four (or more) extra illustrated clues, released weekly, will be available online for YOU only, in order to be able to solve each monthly mystery.
Behind the scenes of each 'murder'
per month
You'll get exclusive access to research materials, sketches, prep and planning for each murder mystery scene.
How to make a 'murder'
per month
You'll get access to a monthly time lapse video of the creation of each crime scene - so you'll get to see how I physically design, draw and put the scenes together, as it happens!




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About me
My name is Beka and I’m a freelance illustrator living in Yorkshire in the UK.

My day job...
I do lots of different jobs to make a living. Most of the work I do can be described as interactive or live illustration and includes performing at events and festivals with my own puppets, looking after the online bits and bobs for a local charity and drawing 'visual minutes' (large, live drawn illustrations) to capture happenings at meetings and events.

My own ideas...
I enjoy all the work I do, but I would really love:
  • the chance to make a living from my creative work full time
  • to have the time to explore and make ideas of my own
I've joined Patreon, because it will hopefully allow me to create my own weird and wonderful (!) illustrations and games and share them online. I'd also like to get to grips with documenting my process, including making time lapses of my creations as I draw and make them, which I would like to share online too. Patreon will allow me to connect with a whole new set of amazing people and / or players (i.e. YOU!) and will encourage me to update my social media a lot more...
Your support means that I'll be able to get my hands (and feet!) dirty... to start projects such as:
  • a series called 'Murder Mystery in a Box' where you will be able to solve a 3D, illustrated whodunnit each month through a series of hand drawn clues
  • an illustrated, point-and-click game which takes players through the insides of the human body
  • an illustrated poem called 'The Dog with the Moon in his Eye'
  • 3D illustrations and paper automata that move by posting hashtags on social media (!)
  • other cool bits and bobs...
Here are a few examples of my illustrations...

Your pledges
mean that I'll be able to pay my bills(!), buy supplies and equipment, spend time learning new skills and, most importantly, get to the heart of what I would like to achieve: the time to research and work on projects that I (and maybe you!) find really interesting (and hopefully super cool!).

You can find more of my illustrations on Instagram and my full portfolio is on Wordpress.

How Patreon works
If you like my work and want to support me, you can choose how much you want to contribute per month. Your support will go towards making lots of live and / or interactive illustrations and games, along with filming and sharing the process of making each piece. You can edit or cancel your pledge anytime you wish.

Thank you so much if you made it this far and happy solving!!

$0 of $2,000 per month
If I (amazingly!) reach this amount per month, I will create a 3D, illustrated haunted house that has moving parts which will be operated by YOU!

This goal will allow me the time to spend on writing the code, drawing all the illustrations involved, researchingcrafting the mechanisms and finally producing a piece of artwork that YOU can interact with online!

The illustration will be live streamed to all the people who have pledged, and will have moving elements which you'll be able to activate by tweeting a simple hashtag (which I will provide) on Twitter. The more people tweet, the more the illustration will move and reveal its secrets!
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