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Thank you for your donation! We know most people cannot afford to support their favorite creators, but we appreciate anyone can give. We consider all of you our friends. If you give 1$ or more, we will include your name in our list of friends at the end of the videos as long as you continue supporting the show. (note, there may be a delay between some episodes due to release dates vs editing dates. If you do not see your name in the first episode, it will be in the next one :3 )
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In order for Bek to function, coffee is required upon startup! This tier is for 5$ or more, and as a thank you for helping Bek wake up in the morning, she will make a special little doodle for you! We can send the image by email, or if you have a special request, please send an email to us at [email protected]! (note: the money might not be used just for coffee, as bek would probably use it for the show ( ^-^') )




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About Bek and Vee

Vee and I are so happy that we finally can start making videos for other people to enjoy! After growing up with Youtube and seeing so many wonderful creators be successful, we are inspired to create our own content. There will be some fine tuning needed in these opening stages, but we will pull through! A few extra dollars for gas to get to our studio would definitely be helpful though, so thank you to anyone willing to donate some dollars to help us out!

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