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Thanks for your interest and donation! You now have access to never-before-heard demos and other things pertaining to my music. I hope you enjoy your time here :)




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About Beka Pierron

My name is Beka! I write music! My album, Out of the Dark, is available anywhere you can find music online. I wrote, recorded, edited, and released it from my living room. But the music creation did not stop there!!! I've got several songs waiting in the sidelines, getting tested here and there at shows, but I want to do something more with them. I would love feedback on these works in progress, this music that may or may not be professionally released; I feel like Patreon is a great next step for that.

So, if you want to be a part of this TOP SECRET MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA aka you get to hear songs before they're available anywhere else (and sometimes when they will never be available again,) then set any donation amount you'd like and you'll be granted access to demos and a friendly little forum. Hope to talk to you soon!!

Beka Pierron! :D

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