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Examples of his work can be seen in the tier images for the $10 and $15 tiers.

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About Bella

Hi, I'm Bella! I'm an artist creating drawings, paintings, graphic designs, and 3D models among many other things.

I guest star in Twitch streams and run online support groups with my friends in hopes of spreading positive messages and hope. We do this by going into some of the most hopeless pits of the internet and offering advice, friendship, and support to people who have none.

I have many plans in the future, including art streams and videos of my own (both instructional and entertaining), comics and doujinshi, games, and much more!

In order to help me achieve those goals, I hope you'll consider supporting me and joining me in bringing inspiration to as many people as possible!
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I will begin creating a series of collectible digital cards based on my online experiences, and one new card per month will be made available to all patrons! 
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