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About Bella Viaggi

Hello, I'm Bella (Elizabeth) and I Blog, Vlog, and live here in Japan! So thank you for supporting me and helping me show you and others what goes on in my world, as I travel, and as I explore new hobbies

I love cute and interesting things, and my favorite Japanese onomatopoeia is "Chuu"! I like it cause it is cute, and it's easy to use becuase it sounds like the casual "you".

I believe in being you and only you! Because your uniqueness is what helps make our world beautiful and worth exploring!

I have two main philosophies in life
     1) Try every and everything twice. 
     2) Life is too short to always take it seriously.

I want to visit each prefecture at some point (so far 11/47) and let you know about the truths of my life and what I think. I don't believe in painting a picture for a single individual but one that represents me and allowing others to interpret as they see fit.
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A Special Thank You Video:

A video exclusive for all of "chuu" who helped support me and my content! 
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