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  • Take a look at all the stuff I don't usually like showing people — unpolished work, scribbled out sketches I don't show people, pages of my current sketchbook and sketchbooks I kept in middle school, high school, and college! 

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  • Tune into a monthly Instagram or Periscope podcast — where you pick the topics! I'll paint live, we'll hang out, chat about what's happening in my life  —  art, writing, work, personal, topics of your choice, would-you-rathers. It's up to you!
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About Jessica Lucia

Hi, I'm Jess! I'm an artist, writer, gamer, reader, wearer of many hats. I live in the humid southeast and long for the mountains of the pacific northwest. I grew up watching my mother create, and after she died I'd comb through her sketchbooks and dairies. Creating became a tether to my mom, an act that felt therapeutic and like a way of finding "home" to me.

A friend convinced me to join Patreon to give me a space to keep creating and sharing, because what is art if you can't share it with anyone, right? So here I am. 

I love making art for people, nothing makes me happier -- handmade cards, sculptural illustrations, short stories, portraits, fanart, and your pledge means I get to do that all the time while sharing my creation process with you! 

I love creating art to give people that spark of joy that art brings me. Mermaids, centaurs, Hippogriffs, fanart, fantasy, friends and family portraits. I'm working to create pockets of whimsy in a world full of so much stress and anxiety.  

I make: 
  • sculptural illustration
  • short stories
  • poems
  • watercolor paintings
  • fanart
  • portraits
  • podcasts and vlogs
Your pledges allow me to create more consistently, dedicate more time to running an online shop, create more of the content you and I love, and focus on finishing my first illustrated book!

Choose how much you want to pledge per month (even $1 is wonderful), and get access to cool perks! 
  • behind the scenes peeks
  • sketches and sketchbook stuff
  • Q&A chats on Periscope
  • Real time painting videos
  • Digital copies of paintings
  • Exclusive first access when commissions are open
You can change or cancel your pledge at any time. And regardless of whether or not you choose to pledge, I am so very grateful for all the ways in which friends and patrons support me on my art creation journey! 

Check me out on Instagram (artist and personal)! 

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Yay first goal! Once we hit this together, I'll give you a tour of my studio, show you all the supplies I use -- paints, paint brushes, brush cleaners, how I keep everything organized (or unorganized), desktop setup, video equipment, etc. You'll get an in-depth tour of where I create everything! 

This goal will also mean I'll have the resources to create one personal piece per month to add to my online store (which goes live on my 31st birthday on March 30, 2019!

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