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About Belleville

We are Belleville, and we write songs.

Once upon a time, three songwriters met at a festival hosted by the Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay, WI. After collaborating on a couple tunes and discovering a natural co-writing chemistry between us, we decided to form a band. We've written 6 songs since and we're looking to build up a catalogue. Our goal is to really focus on the art of songwriting and collaboration, bringing you top-quality songs from three distinct voices writing as one.

What is Patreon? It's the future. A little less dramatically, it's a platform that enables direct connection between fans and the artists they love. We've all heard the stories about how streaming services pay musicians a pittance (even Beyoncé!). And even in the traditional industry, musicians have always been the last to benefit from the commercialization of the art, after engineers, producers, production costs, tour expenses, etc. In the digital age, it's never been easier for fans to have access to the music that's important to them. 
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When we reach 50 patrons, Carley will take a bus to NYC and we'll film a live 360 video of one of our songs.
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