Bellman Woodworking and Designs

is creating handmade wooden furniture and keepsakes.
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About Bellman Woodworking and Designs

Hey Patreon Viewers,

This is Brent Bellman of Bellman Woodworking and Designs.  I have a passion for creating things out of wood and sharing my ideas (and others) to the world.  I have created this page to offer you the chance to support what I do.  This page also gives you the chance to offer me ideas of what things I should build next.  Your pledges will help me get more supplies and tools to keep building the cool things you like to see.  Your montly pledges will also get you access to patreon only content (stuff thats not on other social media), project plans, and google hangouts.  If you feel I deserve it, please make a montly pledge to what I do so I can keep creating amazing content for you!

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